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Tools to give your business a boost

One of the main places entrepreneurs turn to when they want to give their business a boost is the internet.  There are so many internet options available that taking advantage of them is an important part of increasing the profile of a business across the board. Current trends in social media and web design mean that once a marketing campaign has taken seed, the possibility of creating a “viral” trend becomes a real reality.

Social media

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer great potential for promoting a company, service or product.  Most businesses now have their own Facebook page, since this is regarded as one of the fastest ways to reach both new and existing customers.  Consumers have a direct communication channel that does not involve picking up the phone, and the latest news can be relayed to them instantly.  Anyone who posts questions on the page can be answered promptly and precisely, and these answers can also assist other customers.

A Facebook site also gives the company a personal and approachable appeal.  A friendly but professional tone on the site will help to reassure customers that queries are being taken seriously.

Twitter is particularly useful for the quick distribution of news and snippets of information that would be of interest to customers.  A business account should communicate in a professional manner, but if the information being passed on is relevant and engaging, a following is likely to build.  Making announcements about new products and services is so much easier with social media, and dramatically reduces advertising costs.

Web design

There have been many developments in web design in recent years, and there are web-hosting packages that are ideal for those wanting to set up their own site.  This is often the best option for someone who wants a simple information site, but when it comes to maintaining an online shop it may be better to hire a professional web designer.  The design of such a site should be planned carefully.  Even the colour used in the background can affect the way customers regard the site.  Adding extras such as live chat means that customers can gain answers to their questions instantly, and inbuilt features such as monitoring the progress of an order can be very useful.

Management tools

Some business owners find it a good idea to engage the services of umbrella companies.  In effect, this means that items such as taxation and invoicing are taken care of, so the business owner is able to concentrate on production work and growing the business, rather than administrative duties which can take up precious time.  This is a popular option for those who are just starting out and do not want to deal with things like taxation returns themselves.  An account manager will invoice clients and chase up payments, then submit the resulting revenue to the business, along with taking care of tax obligations.  The time this frees up can be otherwise used by the business owner in employing social media and other marketing methods, to ensure that the business maintains as high a profile as possible.

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